Devon Bonady


Devon Bonady has been growing native edible and medicinal plants in the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years. She currently co-owns and manages Fern Hill Nursery and Botanical Sanctuary that is dedicated to growing, using and educating others about native, edible and medicinal plants. She has taught at the University of Oregon, Lane Community College, for permaculture design courses in Oregon, during workshops at the nursery and at other local venues. She received an M.A. in Environmental Studies at UO, focusing on creatively educating children and adults about contemporary and historical uses of native plants in the Pacific Northwest.


Cottage Grove



Organization/Business Name: 

Fern Hill Nursery and Botanical Sanctuary

At Fern Hill Nursery, our mission is to support the vibrant health of our family, our friends, our community, and the land around us. We propagate and cultivate a diverse array of edible, medicinal, native, and locally adapted plants to share with gardeners and farmers in our bioregion. By cultivating nutritious food and medicine with love and joy, we support the health and well-being of our family. By hosting educational workshops, sharing horticultural and herbal skills, and growing high quality plants, we ensure that our community can establish and care for a biodiverse landscape. We help people engage in a relationship with the land that is just as healing for plant and animal communities as it is for human communities. We envision an abundance of nutritious food, herbal medicine, clean water, fresh air, and healthy soils. We express gratitude by practicing soulful stewardship and careful husbandry.

Workshop 1 Title: 

Gardening with Edible and Medicinal Native Plants in the Northwest

Workshop 1 Description: 

Native plants can provide so much more than habitat for native wildlife! Growing native edible and medicinal plants brings us closer to family and community food security and helps us take control of our health care. Multi-functional native plants have the potential to encourage collaboration between restorationists and permaculturalists. This workshop will explore some of the special plants in our bio-region that we use for food and medicine. We will introduce our favorite plants that thrive in our garden, demonstrate identification, and discuss cultivation, harvest, and processing. We may also get a chance to taste some of the plants.

Any special needs for your workshop? : 

power point projector
white board

Workshop Special Needs "Other": 

Any board to write on is ok (with writing implements if possible)- only one needed. Chalkboard or easel is preferred but white board will suffice.

How much of the convergence are you planning on attending?: 

Saturday during the day but I will also be maintaining an expo booth.

Preferred period(s) for your presentation/panel?: 

Saturday 10:30 am to 12:00

A few notes as to your flexibility with times.: 

I will be attending Saturday daytime only and also maintaining a booth at the expo with my husband and watching my son, so I will not be participating in evening events and may not have the opportunity to attend presentations other than our own presentation. Saturday is the only day that we can attend and we will have a booth at the expo. 10:30-12 is best because the expo will likely be less busy so I can present while my husband watches our son. Afternoon we will likely need to be close to our expo booth.