2017 Convergence Update

Welcome to the Home of the Northwest Permaculture Convergence

This year's Convergence will be at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Ridgefield, WA, just 20 minutes from Portland, OR.

Sept 29th to Oct 1st, 2017

The Convergence is a conference. There are presentations, group sessions, lots of networking and social fun. It's a unique gathering where individuals, groups and organizations can show and tell what they are doing to help create a more peaceful, green and resilient (read this as permanent) culture and economy in scale from hyper-local to global. Permaculture, a powerful system of ideals, principles and actions for living within our ecological and economic means is the common denominator for many who attend.

This year's theme is Bridge Building. That means we would like to bring people and groups together that have distinct, but related, ideals and vision and want to know and value one another. New connections lead to new collaborations.

The Convergence will focus on real life actions. Key topics include growing food, green technologies, wild spaces, education, transforming urban infrastructure, sustainable food and much more!

All are welcome to attend. One can volunteer to help to plan or execute the event, propose a presentation, take on a coordinator role or simply attend and enjoy some good company. There are a number of scholarships and work trades to offset the modest cost of registration. Follow the above links for more info.

We are bringing together diverse folks to create some social systems that are resilient and regenerative. What do you have to bring to the table? Systems that incorporate all walks of life and value the edges between our many individuals define the permanent culture we want to create. As we converge we will abandon the homogeneity which can represent our mainstream culture and embrace diversity! Again, all are welcome.

Some questions for thought: What do you see as the biggest gaps, the greatest divides, the widest cognitive rifts that we have to overcome in our culture?

Technology <---> Simplicity
Creators <---> Consumers
Production <---> Distribution
Haves <---> Have Nots
Climate Change <---> Action
Culture <---> Culture
Social Homogeneity <---> Diversity
Brain <---> Heart

How can we come together and value our diversity, rather than fight to destroy it?? These are just a few of the questions we are going to approach at the 10th ANNUAL NORTHWEST PERMACULTURE CONVERGENCE.